One of the things I adore internet for is freedom that it gives to us. We can reach every internet shop all over the world and get the products we want. It is easy to connect people who live on the other side of the world. The best thing I like about internet is that you can do a lot of things from home. Even more opportunities are given to business. A lot of companies nowadays don’t even have physical location like office, but are existing only online. It is possible due to up-to-date online software like invoicing software, programs for receiving orders, online stores, etc.
I also have my own business, but it is not located in the internet. However I use invoicing software and bookkeeping program. It is really convenient when you can work not only from office, but from every place where internet is available. Recently I was invoicing my customers sitting in a cofeeshop and drinking excellent cappuccino. I knew that online based invoicing software is much more convenient than installed. I can be in motion during my working day instead of sitting on a particular place all the time.
I have noticed that I am not that stressed like some of my business partners are. Maybe it is because I have made comfortable working conditions for myself. I can be stressed only when there are some problems with the internet and invoicing software is not reachable. But now I have different internet providers. If suddenly internet disappears I will use flash of different provider.
I have thought of introducing more online programs to my enterprise. I want to make my company more advanced. Maybe I will even change my invoicing software to some new one. I like trying something new both in life and in business.

25 Apr 2012